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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Wow i was watching T.V thismorning and found out that thier is a newer series of Dragonball Z, its called never or less Dragonball GT" it tells the story of when the G fighters return to Earth they fined that much has change and they have all been downsized. I also am now watching the new manga cartoon Yu-Gi-hO. Its not as good technically but it has an o.k story line, i might get up early again tomorrow and watch it again. I might do some cooking tomorrow, i might make a big chocolate one. That Jamie Oliver dude can make up a mad feed hey, i don't mind his show, he does really good and easy meal that dosen't take long to cook. I wish i new some new stuff to try. Cheers guys

Monday, April 05, 2004

What a crap couple of days, i have spent the last two days at home with no sleep doing an assignment about the laws on cinema classifacations during the fifties in relation to the portrail of communisum, what a load of shit. Now, i study graphic design and if you can tell me what communist movies have to do with graphic
design i'd love to know. I was talking to my sister tonight about all that stuff and she was telling me that she might be going to America some time next year. I told her she has to go to Disneyland, it sounds a bit childish but i think it would be bloody brilliant. By the way Walt Disney was a very strong anti-communist, i guess i learnt something even if it is a usless piece of information.

My girlfriend Bec is going to Sydney tomorrow to work at Wendy's at the Royal Easter Show i'll miss here heaps.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Friday night at the pud was its usual huge crowd and drunkin idiots but its a great way to make good cash. Scince things at the pud have became more busy i've been going home with a sore hand due to all the bottle opening. they do supply us with openers but its just to dam slow to open something like five Extra drys with the opener, but it is a little less painful. I think in the holidays i might get into some drawing as i haven't done any in ages, well at least scince i've been at uni anyway. I used to draw all the time especially real life in lead pencial, i fined it very relaxing and its a great time to reflect on life and just think.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Check it out, next week is the last week of term and i can't wait to sit down and take a couple of days off. I might go and get some favourite movies like Donnie Darko and mabye something more recent like Agent Codie Banks. I could also get a Playstation game to blow some time. I can't get to lazy though, i've got a few assessments to do.

Easters next week, thats pretty cool, not because of the fact its Easter but the public holiday pay. Thats pretty rude hey but Easters not one of those things on the top of my priority list.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Dam thats a dissapointment. tonight was the first big finals night in the local dart compitition and we come out second best, we lost the match in the tenth game (11 games, 6-4). A plus for the night was that i beat the number 1 ranked player in B grade, she was a little pissed off but she has sworn revenge. Bring it on bitch. I just heard that Australian soccer star Mark Viduka is in a bit of trouble due to him pulling out of an International friendly against Venezuela to play for his club team Leeds United, but if someones going to pay me $125,000 to play each game they've got me. It's amazing how much sports superstars earn these days for example Formular 1 star Michael Schumacher earns a cool 120 million a year! though i don't thinkFerrari are short in the pocket. On the poorer side of life I've also got an assessment for uni due tomorrow i hope all goes well. see ya.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Wow the term is almost over, i'm starting to put the finishing touches on my end of term assessments and it feels great. I went to what we call a count off tonight, it's were all the dart teams get together and count your wins and loses to see whos in the finals. We finished in second place by one win, how craps that but were in the finals and hopefully can show them who's the boss. Went to class this morning and on the way home someone drove up my ass, i was pretty pissed but the lady was so upset by what happen so i bit my tongue. Right now i'm watching te television show Sex in the City i don't really like it to much but theres not much on. Now futurama is a real show. It was created by the same producer of The Simpsons Matt Groening. The Simpsons is now showing it's sixteenth season and the futurama episodes are going to a fifth season this year. I just love the way there are so many jokes in it that younger children don't understand but they still find it funny as hell. Tomorrow i'm going to see my car detailer and see when i can get it fixed, thank god i don't have pay for it. I really wouldn't mind a new car, maby a brand new Honda S2000.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Pretty chilled out at the moment just sitting around in the bean bag watch the Melborne comedy gala, it's pretty funny shit with people like Merick and Rosso, Danny boy, and the Tripods. Yeah it's funny and all but it is for a good cause, thier trying to raise money for Community aid abroad to help third world countries with supplies. Rush hour 2 is on tonight as well Starring Jackie Chan, dam that mans quick and he does all his own stunts. My favourite movie of his was "Who am i" it was one of his earlier movies in Japan, it's about cop (Chan) who forgets who he is due to a bang on the head and dumped in the desert. When he gets back to Japan he fineds himself in danger when he becomes aware that he holds the answer to a code but he can't remember it. Though he still has nothing on the master Bruce Lee. Going to bed early tonight for once cause i'm playing golf tomorrow after class, i'm no pro but it's great to relax.


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